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Our brands
Tiny, sweet in colourful shells. Sweet weighing almost 0,5 g
give a decent dose of a distinguishing taste. The dragees
are available in mint and fruit flavours and constitute the
contents of many bestsellers like the original blister with 18,
24 or 36 dragees. They are also one the optional conent of
metal tins and Qubotto.
Mint&More is make of exceptional, refreshing mint dragees.
A brittle shell reveals a decent dose of fresh mint. These oval
candies are available in the following products: Mint Pack,
2-Pack and Sweet Sachets or 4-dragees blisters.
Jelly & Jelly is a cocktail of fruity soft candies coated
in a delicate sugar shell in a characteristic shape of a bean.
Jelly & Jelly is recommended as contents of Sweet Pyramid
sachets, handy Quatro boxes or Quadrat metal cans.
1. pastilles “Minis” (mint)
4. chocolate confetti
7. mini powder candy
10. chewing gums
2. chocolate confetti (heart)
5. mini caramels (mint)
8. mini caramels (fruit)
11. Jelly&Jelly
12. sugar free mini pastilles
3. powder candy
6. pastilles “Minis” (fruit)
9. mint layered pastilles from grape sugar (dextrose)